Boremaster have performed drilling for water wells at a large number of places for both the government as well as the private sector. In the following are a few of the projects executed for the government sector:

  • 175 tubewells of 2.5 cusec capacity for the “Salinity Control and Reclamation Project (SCARP) – II??? of the government of Pakistan. The project encompassed developing 283.5 MGD water resource and arranging its disposal into drains in Sargodha area on turnkey basis.
  • 55 tubewells of 2.0 to 2.5 cusec capacity for the SCARP-I. The project comprised of the development of 111.456 MGD water resource and its distribution for irrigation in specified areas.

(Following: Tipton and Kalambach Specification Tubewells:)

  • 70 reclamation tubewells of 2.0 to 5.0 cusecs capacity installed for SCARP of the Government of Pakistan.
  • 7 water supply tubewells of 2.0 cusecs capacity according to specifications of the “Water & Power Development Authority of Pakistan (WAPDA)??? at Faisalabad Thermal Power Station.

In addition to the above, Boremaster has executed a large number of tube wells of various specifications for the private sector.

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