Boremaster Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company in Lahore, Pakistan in 1960. As a pioneer in the field of drilling, the company was able to contribute significantly as a towards mega infrastructure projects in the country during the 1960’s and 70’s

Having established itself at home the company ventured into Saudi Arabia in the seventies. Boremaster through it’s joint venture executed large scale piling jobs as well as deep drilling works. Boremaster SA also executed drilling for oil wells in Kuwait neutral zone for Getty oil company.

During the nineties the company set up a 100% subsidiary in Turkmenistan following the independence of the country. Boremaster (Turkmenistan) Limited has successfully executed key water supply and port projects.

Boremaster Limited maintains a sister concern by the same name in UAE which primarily serves as a special purpose entity for procurement of equipment and materials.

Boremaster Limited is also incorporated in Astana, Kazakhstan where it seeks new business.

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