Power Stations

  • WAPDA (Water & Power Development Authority of Pakistan) 220 KV Transmission Line crossing of Chenab river at Wazirabad.
  • WAPDA 132 KV Transmission Line crossing of Indus river at Guddu.
  • WAPDA Transmission Line crossing of Ravi river at Lahore.
  • Grain Silos at Multan of “Agricultural Services Ltd.??? for “International Consultants Consortium, Lahore???.
  • Prilling Tower at “Dawood Hercules Chemicals Ltd.???.
  • Turbo-Alternator Sets foundations of Power House of “Multan Electric Supply Co.???.
  • Nitric Acid Plant at “Pak Arab Fertilizers, Multan???.
  • Overhead tank for the “Workers’ Colony, Kot-lakhpat??? for the Department of Housing and Physical Planning, Government of Pakistan???.

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